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KanaVapor Bio (ST120 UACVR)

KanaVapor Bio (ST120 UACVR)


  • The ultimate all purpose tank truck and terminal vapor recovery hose with clear static dissipating tube and static grounding wire
  • Temp. Range: -52°F to 140°F
  • Applications: Tank truck and terminal recovery of gasoline, ethanol, and biodiesel vapors
  • Construction: Lightweight clear static dissipating non-permeable polyurethane with smooth bore, corrugated O.D., rigid PVC helix, and static grounding wire
  • Features: Lightweight and flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. Polyurethane construction allows use with all gasoline blends, biodiesel (up to B100), ethanol (up to E85; currently testing E100), kerosene, diesel, and ASTM fuel oils. Static dissipating tube combined with multi-strand copper static wire provides the ultimate protection against static discharge. Clear tube allows visual confirmation of fuel backup into the hose
  • Note: Banding sleeve or banding coil must be used. Static wire must be properly imbedded during fitting installation and tested to assure proper static grounding of hose to a grounded system


Inside Dia. Outside Dia. Pitch Minimum
Bend Radius
Weight Standard
Inches Inches Inches 72°F, Inches 72°F, P.S.I. 72°F, In Hg Lbs/Ft Ft
2 2.38 0.39 2.0 9 16.0 0.44 60, 100
3 3.56 0.57 3.0 8 15.0 0.71 60, 100
4 4.57 0.65 4.0 7 13.0 0.98 60, 100

*Over flexing or repeated flexing of hose within 18″ of fitting is a common cause of hose failure. Installing a 12″-14″ section of our Banding Coil at the end of the hose should be considered. Kanaflex will not be responsible for damage to hose due to over flexing.



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