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Kanaline UFG (STKLUFG)

Kanaline UFG (STKLUFG)


  • Heavy-duty food-grade static dissipative PVC and polyurethane construction with copper grounding wire for handling wet or dry materials
  • Temp. Range: -33°F to 140°F
  • Applications: Transfer of abrasive/food grade materials – bulk unloading of railcars and trucks. Fish suction
  • Construction: Flexible static dissipative polyurethane liner and PVC, rigid PVC helix, synthetic braiding, no direction required, smooth bore, PVC corrugated O.D. with copper grounding wire. Produced entirely of compounds in compliance with FDA and 3-A non-toxic specifications
  • Features: Lightweight and flexible in sub-zero temperatures. Clear food-grade polyurethane tube provides increased abrasion resistance, permits visual check of material flow, prevents material build up and provides quiet operation. Static copper wire and dissipative material in construction dissipates static charge when connected to a grounded system. External helix provides for easy drag
  • Accessories: Banding coil or Powerlock Clamp must be used for all sizes. Static wire must be properly imbedded during fitting installation and tested to assure proper static grounding of hose to a grounded system
  • Note: Made with NSF51 approved materials


Inside Dia. Outside Dia. Pitch Minimum
Bend Radius
Weight Standard
Inches Inches Inches 72°F, Inches 72°F, P.S.I. 72°F, In Hg Lbs/Ft Ft
3 3.7 0.59 6.3 100 28.0 1.26 100
4 4.8 0.69 7.5 75 28.0 1.94 60, 100
5 6.1 1.00 9.5 70 28.0 3.20 60, 100
6 7.2 1.00 11.0 70 28.0 4.34 60, 100

*Over flexing or repeated flexing of hose within 18″ of fitting is a common cause of hose failure. Installing a 12″-14″ section of our Banding Coil at the end of the hose should be considered. Kanaflex will not be responsible for damage to hose due to over flexing.



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