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KanaBoom (STKB)

KanaBoom (STKB)


  • Heavy-duty abrasive resistance hose with copper grounding wire for handling wet or dry materials
  • Temp. Range: -33°F to 140°F
  • Applications: Hydro-vac truck, vacuum truck, general construction use, wet and dry full vacuum rated
  • Construction: Flexible high abrasion polyurethane liner, rigid PVC helix, synthetic braiding, no direction required, smooth bore, extra UV inhabitant PVC corrugated O.D. with static dissipating materials and grounding wire
  • Features: Lightweight and flexible in sub-zero temperatures. Abrasive resistant polyurethane tube provides increased lifetime, prevents material build-up and provides quiet operation. Static copper wire in construction dissipates static charge when connected to a grounded system. External helix provides for easy drag
  • Accessories: Banding coil or Powerlock Clamp must be used for all sizes. Static wire must be properly imbedded during fitting installation and tested to assure proper static grounding of hose to a grounded system
  • Note: Not a food-grade hose


Inside Dia. Outside Dia. Pitch Minimum
Bend Radius
Weight Standard
Inches Inches Inches 72°F, Inches 72°F, P.S.I. 72°F, In Hg Lbs/Ft Ft
4 4.86 0.69 9.0 75 29.8 2.1 60, 100
6 7.37 1.04 22.0 70 28.0 4.7 60, 100
8 9.54 1.16 34.0 60 28.0 6.5 26,31,35,40

*Over flexing or repeated flexing of hose within 18″ of fitting is a common cause of hose failure. Installing a 12″-14″ section of our Banding Coil at the end of the hose should be considered. Kanaflex will not be responsible for damage to hose due to over flexing.



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